How to host Happy Gram The Movie

This movie could save your life or the life of someone you love!

1. Invite people you love.
2. Click on the link to download the movie.
3. You can ask us to send you a breast model.

Happy Gram The Movie
This award winning documentary was inspired by the director’s friend, Hallie Leighton, who passed away from breast cancer while the documentary was being filmed. Hallie was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer after years of normal mammograms. This film exposes the little known fact that mammograms are ineffective screening tools for the 40% of women with dense breast tissue. In these women, who account for over 70% of invasive cancers, mammograms miss up to 75% of these cancers. For years, professional medical organizations have withheld this information from the nearly 40 million women who are screened with mammography in the United States.