Breast Density

Why knowing your breast density is so important?
Mammograms miss most tumors in dense breasts!!! See below.
2. 40% of women who are screened for breast cancer have dense breast tissue.
3. These women also account for more than 70% of all invasive cancers.
4. Having dense breasts is a stronger risk factor than someone with a mother or sister who had breast cancer.

University of California Dense Breasts Study

Do you know your breast density?
If not ask your doctor!

Why do mammograms miss most tumors in dense breasts?
Because the tumor and the dense breast tissue both look white on a mammogram. impossible to distinguish what is normal and what is not.

Breast density is defined by the relative amount of fat in relation to the amount of connective and epithelial tissue (tissue that lines blood vessels and cavities). When more than 50% of breast tissue is connective and epithelial tissue, instead of fatty tissue, the breasts are considered dense. Mammography is the only way to determine breast density.